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We can learn from Masons

By Mid Devon Gazette  |  Posted: July 19, 2011

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CAN you please explain to us simpleton colonials why you would throw two people off their bought and paid for land who have shown an obvious desire to roll up their sleeves and put in some work?

Work... something our council estate types are loathe to do here in the former colonies (USA).

I am referring to the case of Stig and Dinah Mason, who have been informed they must move off their land plot and back into welfare housing because of some odd twist in the land use bureaucracy.

Despite all our issues here in these former colonies, the one thing we do try to do is reward the indigent when they actually get off their duff and try to do something with themselves, even if the mainstream might find it a bit odd.

Oh, and have you heard, the world's getting ready to run rather short of petrol in the not so distant future and you will likely find that the sort of urban home-steading that the Masons are up to will become more of a norm than not.

They're the sort I'd award a grant to in order that they document their endeavour and carry the lessons learned to others who wish to reduce their industrial footprint.

But hey, if you want them back on the dole, it's your tax dollar... I mean pound.

JIM BARTLETT Fredericksburg Virginia USA

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