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Savile silence is shameful

By Mid Devon Gazette  |  Posted: October 16, 2012

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CHILD sex abuse allegations against the late Sir Jimmy Savile are gathering momentum on a daily basis.

Now I don't know if they can be substantiated or not – but on the balance of probability, they are probably in the main true. Now, I never was a great fan of Savile's. He was too zany and too good to be true for my liking. But obviously he was a great draw as far as the BBC was concerned and his ability to make massive amounts for charities went down well with the public.

All very well. But if as many BBC dignitaries and presenters are saying now that they knew of Savile's liking for young girls then they should be utterly ashamed of themselves for not making a greater fuss about than they obviously did.

It is all very well for Janet Street-Porter to say on TV she – like many others – knew what was going on but did not say too much because she knew that she would have been laughed at with disbelief.

But that is no excuse. If she and other BBC employees and presenters felt that strongly about what Savile was allegedly doing to young girls they could have anonymously made their views known to the police, the social services or any other organisation which looked after young girls well being. Obviously, they didn't. Were they afraid that any such objections to Savile's sexual attitude towards young girls might hinder their future chances with the BBC? Who knows...

It is a pity that Savile is long dead and can't therefore answer these allegations. But if there is a a hint of truth in them at all then the BBC's officials must tighten their regulations to make sure that no presenter – even if he or she is a well-known name – can get away such abuses of young children again.

It is a great pity that no-one spoke out more strongly before Savile died so that he could have been brought before court to answer these dreadful allegations.

Presenters and officials who say they knew what was going on but who were not brave enough to stand up and be counted should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

COLINl RICHEY Lazenby Road, Tiverton

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  • grahamtapper  |  October 17 2012, 5:11AM

    And so the BBC are appointing their own judge and jury to investigate themselves. The banking industry appoints the Financial services Association. Police engage the Police Complaints Commision. Various professional bodies look knindly or critically at the behaviour of the professional individual members within that body. Political services, Health services, legal services, property services, pharmaceutical, electrical and building services (for example); each has its own membership looking over its own members. Charity bodies that benefitted from the activity of Savile and his sickly manipulative skills likewise appoint their own investigators to ask questions which only they best understand. We listeners are expected to put our trust in their hands. We do this because we wish to believe the best of one another then appoint someone else to be our concience. Not a good idea this because abdicating our own concience is what allows us to behave like sheep, hiding behind the concience of someone else. Each of us has a duty to blow the whistle, ring the bell, speak out loud, shout from the hilltops, write a complaint, broadcast the message. If we know when something is so wrong.